Winter 19


Lucidity celebrates 19. Acquire an inspiring culture in traditions and roots for its winter collection 19. On this tour, a brand was inspired by ancestry, floral and faunistic in a sophisticated mosaic of cores and shapes.

A scent from Africa brings to a collection references of tribal craftsmanship and handiwork have been translated into prints. Natural fabrics with rustic touches blend with seductive cottons creating a stylish and light mood. In the cluster of cores, the natural tons are complemented by hot spices.

At another time, the deep greens contrast with pink and violet hues bringing a feminine and bold look. In an oriental climate, it seems attractive and urban. The sweatshirt is present in sophisticated blends with flat products and differentiated textures.

Back in Africa, the marula and tamarind bring the seasoning of this cupboard. Slides are present in jeans and can be used to create a visual and modern graphic.

Pleated dresses, transparencies, textures and unusual sparkles represent all the sophistication of Linha Festa. Handcrafted details such as macrame and embroidered weights give the highlight of each piece.