Summer 18

The rich cultural cenário and natural beauty of Cuba form a combination that inspired Lucidez for the Summer 2018.


Color palets of the colection are inspired by the vibrant walls of the old city. The Orange, the caribean blue, the red and the yellow lend to the latin charm of the city. The bright, warm colours contrast the smooth tons that are inspired by famous drinks that make for a perfect combination with the fesh air of the cool bar and restaurant at the capital.


The patterns are inspired by the cubain culture with the brightly colored stripes, florals, polka dots and geometric shapes blend harmoniously.


The full mid length rufles skirts accentuated waistline bring out the subtle sensuality and charm of the cubain women’s form.


Details accessories sush as: collorful acrilic resin, wood, linen flowers, tassels and lace midriff. The metals are gold platted, vintage gold and black.


The light flowy material bring a fluid moviment to each piece by bringing back the use of natural material such as cotton and linen. Lace, transparency and embroidery bring a femaninity to the colection.